“Adding value to your data through mapping”

What do we do ?


Duncan Jones Consulting is a totally independent consultancy that assists companies or organisations in maximising the value of their locational data and information through the use of GIS and mapping


DJC advises clients on how to get added value out of the information that they have. DJC works with you using your own locational data and/or sourcing other datasets where appropriate, to increase their benefit and value to you. Most importantly, DJC provide strategic mapping and GIS solutions to companies and organisations to enable them to gain competitive advantage.

Why choose us ?


Over 14 years business experience in the mapping and GIS sector - more details


Experience in the following areas:-

  • the land and property market
  • the retail market
  • the local authority market

Breadth of experience, knowledge and a wide understanding with regard to what a client requires and the timescales to be adhered to.


Our mission is to:-


Assist companies or organisations maximise the value of their data and information through the use of GIS and mapping, Provide highly accurate work to the relevant specification, Improve clients’ decision making efficiency to gain competitive advantage and meet and exceed the clients expectations

Duncan Jones Consulting