DJC services include the following: -


Situation Assessment


This can incorporate all or some of the following:-

  • An audit of all the locational information and data that an organisation may have including legacy systems
  • Working with the client to agree a strategy on how to take mapping/GIS forward
  • Linking in other data external sources if appropriate
  • A feasibility study of modernising or streamlining existing locational data sources or software

GIS Organisation/Management


DJC undertakes studies into:-

  • where and how GIS and mapping could be used in an organisation
  • how it would sit within the existing systems and organisational structure
  • how GIS and mapping can be managed to get the best value out of it.

Cost Benefit Analysis


DJC can prepare a detailed plan and analysis of the cost of a GIS implementation strategy against the savings that could be potentially made to justify the requirement. This could involve:-

  • studying the organisation set-up and strategy
  • the existing locational data sources
  • the most cost effective way to implement a GIS strategy
  • the benefit that would accrue to a company or organisation if they were to use mapping

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